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12 years, more than 350 projects throughout Chile

Link your company with the community through the recovery of a green area, contributing to the improvement of their quality of life; and participates with corporate volunteering in the construction day.

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Lines of work

Corporative volunteering

Participating in corporate volunteering activities has an intangible value for employees, that is why at Mi Parque we are interested in companies interacting with the community associated with the project, so we invite them to participate from design workshops, to the day of the participatory construction day.

The participatory construction instance is a celebration activity, where for one morning we meet at the project site and invite everyone involved, volunteers from the company, associated community and our Mi Parque team to work in the different crews (pasture , painting, planting, among other activities), to give the final touches to the project.

This is an activity that requires organization, where there are no charges; volunteers, community and companies come together with a common goal. At the end of the day, the project is inaugurated and all its participants enjoy an inaugural meal.

Community bonding

Contact with different communities allows knowing different realities that enrich the social skills of those who participate. The company can thus give its members a meaning by participating in an activity in which they share with a community that values ​​and appreciates the work they have come to do.

The sponsors who are part of the transformation of a city that integrates all its inhabitants by giving those most in need a green area to enjoy and share, along with contributing to the development of more sustainable cities, are remembered by a plaque installed in that place, in which the name of the company that made its development possible is indicated.


The construction of a green area with an impact on a community is a quantifiable contribution to a sustainable development policy. It considers a community process, where cooperation, trust and a sense of belonging are strengthened, which contribute to the development of better neighborhoods. In addition, the participation of neighbors in the process of designing the green area, links them with the space and become an ally so that the place is preserved over time.

In the environmental sphere, green areas help reduce pollution, regulate temperature, prevent soil erosion in order to filter rainwater, preventing floods; in addition to contributing to urban biodiversity.

Territorial development

Investments in infrastructure and generation of social capital are often carried out in the same territory where the contributing companies are located, as they seek to produce an impact within the environment that surrounds them.

Mi Parque work model considers territorial development, both of a project and of local development programs with longer-term policies, which not only consider the articulation of the communities, the municipality and the private sector that finances, but also from other entities that work to promote the sustainable development of the territory and the well-being of its inhabitants.

Our impact

Quantitative impact

The construction of a green area with an impact on a community is a quantifiable contribution, which translates into infrastructure, people benefited, but also in social changes that have been validated by international institutions.


Green area projects


M2 of green areas


Intervened regions






Collaborating companies

Qualitative impact


Increase the use of the new park


Reduces the presence of garbage


Stripes decrease


Increase the security feeling


Increase community participation


Fighting, shooting and robbery decrease

Our working model

Fundación Mi Parque articulates the different actors who contribute to the development of projects. The private world, through social investments, finances the projects. The public sector through the law of social donations and the municipality or educational communities that are in charge of maintenance. At the center of everything, is the community, which is the protagonist of the design, construction and subsequent activation of the new meeting space.

Our projects are covered by the social donations law No. 19,885 of the Ministry of Social Development.

Benefits of green areas

Cultural partner

Meeting place, integration and meeting.

Creation of a sense of community.

Place of contact with nature.

They strengthen the social fabric, improving safety in the neighborhood.

To health

They constitute spaces for sports, leisure and recreation.

Coronary heart disease, obesity, depression and others associated with sedentary life and the stress of urban life decrease.


Green areas are a temperature regulator.

Increase in urban biodiversity.

They improve air quality.

They prevent soil erosion.

They have trusted us


Participate as a company in the entire process of recovering a new green area.

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